Another variation of the previous mold was created for a client to cover up some creative drawing his child had inadvertently done on this sculpture.This is done from a life-size fiberglass mold Paul made while teaching a summer class in leather forming to a group of somewhat uptight teachers.

See fiberglass mold making.


Three life size face molds in leather were created of this family and the 4-5 oz. leather around the outside was free formed to symbolize the blowing winds.


Paul was a consultant a few years ago for the National Arts Centre when they wanted to create their own leather armour for the recreation of some very ancient periods plays from early Roman times. These were the costumes created using the molded leather (cuir bouilli) technique that Paul taught.

Please see the cuir bouilli section for pictures of the molds and how to info.

Two more molded leather costumes for the ancient Roman play BRITTANICUS.