with containers in wood with rubber liner and a container with a small area for plants
separate from the water reservoir.

  ROCKY PINE table top fountain sculpted in copper and mounted in a real rock. The container is built of wood and painted with acrylics and lined with a rubber pond liner to be waterproof. The tree has been patinated green. The rock was drilled so that the water rises from underneath to become a waterfall.


 5 POD CASCADE FOUNTAIN installed with a tiered rock waterfall built to client's specifications.

Thornhill, Ontario



Copper sculptured Dragon fountain sprays water out it's snout.
Great for an outdoor pond and garden feature.


in table top bowl design with a FOGGER and light attached to the small pump.
The fog glows softly when the lights are low in the room.


  LILY FOUNTAIN Brass petals with copper leaves sit above the water low in a pond
and sprays out the top.