Celebrating almost 50 Years of Excellence
in Fine Crafts


Beverley and Paul established WILLIAMS DESIGN STUDIO in 1974 and for almost 50 years they have created award-winning artwork in leather sculpture, masks and unique sculptural fountains in brass, copper and stone and Beverley’s decorated gourd art: bowls, vases and masks.

In January 1977, they moved into their studio in Bethany, in an early Ontario General Store, rebuilt in 1912 after
the GREAT FIRE OF BETHANY in November 1911. That terrible fire had burned many of the old wooden buildings on the south side of the village, creating a catastrophe that devastated the town just before the winter.

The Bethany General Store was rebuilt by Thomas J. Jackson and in 2023 was honoured by the City of Kawartha Lakes, giving it a designation of historical importance because of the 'BOOM TOWN FRONT' that has the original wooden lettering on each side 'Butcher', Grocer'. This style of architecture was very popular in the 1800's for commercial establishments.

You can visit our studio in our restored early Ontario general store and see Paul's workbench where he creates unique pieces for customers from small dog collars to large wall sculptures for public and private spaces.

Beverley works with hard shelled gourds creating fascinating natural vases, masks and bowls by carving and wood-burning designs into the hard gourd surface and sometimes adding interesting metal, feathers and yarn pieces.

A highlight of visiting our studio is taking a tour our ‘Secret Garden’ with a dozen different water features. You can see a variety of styles of fountains from those in a large pond, to a water feature in a 'dry river bed' and smaller ones that can be used indoors.

We are open year round, usually 9–5. but it is a good idea to call first if you are coming a distance as we do visit clients to install a water feature or wall sculpture.


This is a view of Paul's workbench area and the 'office' behind him. Beverley's weaving studio is upstairs and the show room/gallery area would be behind you. You are welcome to visit us and see us working in our studio.

Williams Design Studio
1470 Highway 7A, Box 86,
Bethany, Ontario, L0A 1A0
Hours are usually
10 a.m.- 6 p.m.
Tuesday - Saturday

Phone: 705-277-2666


During the year we also do larger shows:

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