Paul inspecting the 24' wall space where the 18' MAPLE TREE SCULPTURE will be installed at the Best Western Inn, Cobourg.

OUR STUDIO/workshop - one thousand copper leaves ready for welding to steel branches

Paul preparing copper leaves with steel wire stems

Laying out the pattern of leaves to be attached to a steel branch form.

 Paul drawing the outline design for the tree sculpture.

 Paul marking places for branches and leaves sections.

 Contemplating the welded steel sections on the plywood structural backpieces.
The plywood tree base is standing in the background.

 Paul is laying out exactly where the groups of copper leaves will be welded to the steel branches.

 Layout on the floor of the overall plywood and steel.

 Paul working on the upper section of the large tree sculpture.

 Some of the thousand leaves that will be attached to the steel understructure.

 Upper section with copper leaves soldered to the steel under structure.

 This show the tools, groups of copper leaves, and the plywood base with the steel support structure.

 Paul sitting beside the tree sculpture with most of the upper leaves attached.

 Tree sculpture with all leaves attached and plywood base showing the steel support structure.

  Paul carving blue styrofoam into the treek trunk shape.

 View of Paul's workbench with leaf branch and styrofoam tree trunk.

 View of studio with banches and leaves hanging from the ceiling and other leather scultpured pieces in the background.

 Paul is painting the steel branches with dark brown paint.

 View of Paul putting finishing touches on the copper leaves of the branches.

 Tree trunk and roots being wrapped in light weight copper foil .

 Detail showing Paul adding the rough texture to the copper foil to simulate the texture of tree bark.

 Tree branch with copper leaves attached supported in a wood clamp bench.

 View in studio showroom area of copper branch ready for installation.

 Partial tree showing the darkened 'bark' of the tree trunk.

 Detail of tree branch and copper leaves with high heat colouring like Autumn leaves

 Detail of the upper section of the Maple Tree sculpture.

 Title on one on the large copper Maple Leaves.

 Detail of the tree trunk rough bark texture in darkened copper.

 Paul installing the upper section of the 18' Maple Tree sculpture.

 Paul standing in front of the 18' Maple Tree sculpture in the lobby of the Best Western Inn, Cobourg, Ontario.